Volume 4 (1995)


Stomatopod Crustacea of Vietnam : The Legacy of Raoul Serene

Manning, Raymond B. 
Over a period of almost three decades, the late French carcinologist Raoul Serene accumulated collections of stomatopods from shore habitats of southern Vietnam. This report is based on part of the collection, his draft manuscript, figures, and colored plates. Seventy two species of stomatopods are known from the waters of Vietnam, and forty six of these are represented in Serene's collection. Based on this material, diagnoses of and keys to all families and genera of stomatopods from the Indo-West Pacific are presented. Keys to all Indo-West Pacific species for genera represented in Vietnamese waters are included. Four new families are recognized, Heterosquillidae, Indosquillidae, Parasquillidae, and Takuidae. Eighteen new genera are recognized (their type species in parentheses): Gonodactylaceus (Gonodactylus glabrous var. ternatensis De Man, 1902), Gonodactylellus (Gonodactylus chiragra var. affinis De Man, 1902), Gonodactylinus (Gonodactylus chiragra var. viridis Serene, 1954), and Neogonodactylus (Gonodactylus oerstedii Hansen, 1895) in the Gonodactylidae; Raoulius (Gonodactylus cultrifer White, 1850) in the Odontodactylidae; Baoulserenea (Pseudosquilla ornata Miers, 1880) in the Pseudosquillidae); Taku (Gonodactylus spinosocarinatus Fukuda, 1909) in the Takuidae; Kasim (Heterosquilloides philippilLensis Moosa, 1986) in the Heterosquillidae; Lysiosquillina (Squilla maculata Fabricius, 1793) in the Lysiosquillidae; Cloridina (Squilla microphthalma H. Milne Edwards, 1837), Erugosquilla (Squilla massavensis Kossmann, 1880), Fallosquilla (Squilla fallax Bouvier, 1914), Keijia (Squilla lirata Kemp & Chopra, 1921), Miyakea (Squilla nepa Latreille, 1828), Neclorida (Clorida miersi Manning, 1968), Oratosquillina (Squilla interrupta Kemp, 1911), Pontiosquilla (Squilla mauiana Bigelow, 1931), and Toshimitsu (Squilla tiwarii Blumstein, 1974), in the Squillidae. Two new species, Gonodactylaceus gravieri and Lophosquilla makarovi, are described. A checklist of the stomatopods of the Indo-West Pacific is provided. Colored figures of 28 species are included based on hand-painted figures prepared under Serene's direction. Serene's observations on biology, morphology, and habitat are summarized for each species included in his collections.
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