Volume 2 (1988)


Chirostylid and Galatheid Crustaceans(Decapoda: Anomura) of the "Albatross" Philippine Expedition, 1907-1910.

Baba, Keiji.  
The collection of chirostylid and galatheid crustaceans (Decapoda: Anomura) made by the "Albatross" Philippines Expedition, 1907-1910 contains 96 species in 15 genera: 26 of Chirostylidae and 70 of Galatheidae. Three new genera of the Galatheidae are proposed: Allomunida and Fennerogalathea are monotypic, the former is represented in the "Albatross" collection by 11 specimens from the Sulu Archipelago and Tanon Strait between Negros and Cebu, the latter by three specimens from off southwestern Luzon; Paramunida are named for the Munida scabra group of Baba (1981a) which now accomodates seven species, all confined to the Indo-West Pacific. Thirty-one new species (Chirostylidae: Eumunida propior, Uroptychus acostalis, U. albatrossae, U. bispinatus, U. brevisquamatus. U. comptus. U. convexus. U. levicrustus, and U. uandamae; Galatheidae: Allomunida magnicheles. Fennerogalaihea chacei, Galathea albatrossae. G. bidens. Munida armata. M. compressa, M. eminens. M. exigua, M. fortiantennata. M. leviantennata. M. longispinata, M. major, M. prominula. M. similis. M. variabilis, Munidopsis bispinoculata. M. carinimarginata, M. crenatirostris. M. plumatisetigera. M. similior. Paramunida longior, and P. setigera) are described. A new name, Uroptychus occultispinatus, is proposed for U. granulatus japonicus Balss, 1913 because of the precedence to be given to U. japonicus Ortmann, 1892. Thirty-five species of chirostylids and galatheids that are previously known elsewhere outside the Indo-Malayan faunal region are newly recorded from the Philippines and vicinity. Keys to all known genera of the Chirostylidae and Galatheidae are presented. Keys to species are provided for the Indo-West Pacific Munida and Paramunida, the Philippine Uroptychus, and the "Albatross" presentation of Eumunida, Gastroptychus, Galathea and Munidopsis. For each species, expanded systematic accounts including references, diagnosis, measurements, habitat preference shown by the "Albatross" specimens, type-locality and distribution record are given. In the account of new species the description of holotype, and of paratypes if necessary, is provided. The distribution of the Philippine species of chirostylids and galatheids is briefly discussed.
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